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DAYS OF OPERATION: B.E.R.T. is available for events during the Food Truck season (Apr thru Oct)
WHAT TYPE OF EVENTS DOES B.E.R.T. SERVE? We enjoy bringing the B.E.R.T. experience to all sorts of special events.  Grad Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Company Meetings, Church gatherings – any event where people are hungry for a good time and a great burger.

WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING "B.E.R.T."? WHO IS BERT? "B.E.R.T." stands for Burger Emergency Response Team.  BERT is our Food Truck.  Bert's cool.  You'll like BERT.

IS THERE A MINIMUM FOR A FOOD TRUCK EVENT?  Yes, our food/bev minimum for all events is $2500 (approximately 150 burgers/fries + free toppings).  For Hosted events, additional service charges, sales tax, & travel fee may apply. 

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 'HOSTED', 'PRIVATE', AND 'PUBLIC' EVENTS?  Basically, it’s just who is paying for stuff.  A Hosted event is paid for in full by the event host and the event guests can keep their wallets tucked away. For both Private and Public events, each guest will pay for her own grub.  The difference is a Private event is for invited guests only (for example, a company party) while a Public event is open to everybody (such as a carnival or street fair).

IS THERE A TRAVEL FEE?  For events that are outside the Twin Cities area, we may charge a travel/mileage fee to cover labor, utilities and fuel.  For events within the Twin Cities metro area there is no travel fee.

HOW MUCH IS MY BURGER'S SERVICE CHARGE?  SHOULD I PAY AN ADDITIONAL GRATUITY?  Service charges are typically 10% for catered events. Gratuity is an additional 10%, but more can be added at client’s discretion. 

DO I NEED TO PROVIDE A PERMIT FOR MY BURGER TO CATER MY EVENT? Some cities and counties in the Twin Cities metro area may require a permit for food trucks.  Fees typically range from $50-$200. Generally permits are not required for events held on residential property.  If your event is taking place in a city that requires a permit and we do not already have one on file, the cost of the permit may be included as part of the event fee.  Please check your city for its requirements.


WHEN IS THE TOTAL DUE?  A down-payment equal to 50% of the estimated cost is due at the time of contract signing to hold the date.  The balance will be billed after the event (typically within 3-5 days) and is due 10 days after receipt of the invoice.   

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I BOOK MY EVENT?  We cannot always guarantee open time slots, so the sooner you book the quicker you can secure the date. In most cases we need to book at least two (2) weeks in advance to properly schedule staff for the event.  Please fill out our Request Form so we can save a spot for you and contact you to discuss.

THE PRICE QUOTES HAVE GONE UP SINCE THE LAST TIME WE TALKED. CAN YOU HONOR THE OLD PRICES?  Unfortunately, unless a contract is signed with the old prices by both My Burger & the client we must adhere to our current prices.

I FILLED OUT A REQUEST FORM. DOES THAT MEAN MY EVENT IS BOOKED?  No, it is just a request. Once we receive your request, we will do our best to hold the date while we contact you to discuss details.  Once we have agreed to terms, we will send you a contract.   Your event will be officially booked once the contract is signed and the down-payment has been received. Our events are generally booked on a first come, first served basis.
IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE MY BURGER FOOD TRUCK?  Yes! My Burger has eight (8) locations throughout the Twin Cities.  Click Here to find the one closest to you.

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? IS MY DEPOSIT REFUNDABLE?   My Burger requires a 50% deposit to secure any event. If you decide to cancel your event (for a reason other than bad weather):

  • 30 or more days prior to the event date, the full deposit will be refunded
  • 7-30 days prior to event, ½ of the deposit will be refunded
  • 6 days or less prior to event, the full deposit will be retained by My Burger.

Raincheck policy: If your event cannot be held due to weather or acts of God, My Burger will work with you to reschedule the event to a different available date as close to the original date as possible. 

Covid Policy: If your event cannot be held due to covid-related illness or exposure, we will work with you to reschedule the event.  If it cannot be held due to newly-issued government restrictions, My Burger will either issue a refund or reschedule the event, whichever you prefer.

WHAT ABOUT PARKING?  Client must verify in advance that we are allowed to park at the event location site. If we arrive at the event site and, for any reason, My Burger is unable to park at the event, all monies for the event, in full, will be retained by My Burger. The My Burger truck cannot drive up hills with a 15% grade or higher.

Necessary Truck Clearance (approx.): length: 24 feet; height: 15 feet; width: 10 feet; weight: 15k+)

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? My Burger accepts cash, credit cards, cashier & personal checks (payable to: My Burger Operations, LLC). $35 charge for any bounced / returned checks.